Bombing ship Grom

Russian bombing ship Grom

Here is the model of Russian bombing ship Grom (the Thunder).

Scale 1:64. Dimensions: length 720 mm, height 580 mm, width 230 mm.

The ship took part in the battle of Cesme in the Eighteenth century.

The ship commander was Lieutenant Ilyin, Russian national hero.

Bombing ships were widely used in various navies. They were armed with 1 or 2 large caliber howitzers and with 10 – 15 smaller cannons.

Their masts were usually located closer to the aft.

This particular model was sold however you can order to remodel it for you once again.

Russian bombing ship Grom

Russian bombing ship Grom


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  1. Bombarding ships – is widely developed in the different fleets class ships. First appeared in the French navy in 1681 The main armament is 1-2 caliber guns mounted fire mortars or howitzers, and 10 to 16 small-caliber smoothbore gun for self-defense. More rugged body and a characteristic shift mast aft. Used in combat squadron and for the siege of the coastal fortresses.
    ‘Thunder’ – an outstanding of the Russian Navy. On the night of June 26, 1770 took an active part in the famous battle of Chesmen in which was completely destroyed by the Turkish navy.
    Officer bombarding ships ‘Thunder’ was a hero of the battle Chesmensky Lieutenant Ilyin.
    The Russian Navy has always had some bomb-vessels.

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